To the east, across the Golden Plains (at least some of the time) lies the Eladrin city of Astrazalian, known to residents of the Vale as the City of Starlight. This magnificent city strides the border between the material realm and the Feywild, and exists in each for fully half of every year. During the spring and summer, it resides a few hundred miles to the east of the Vale and is the source (or destination) of a significant amount of the trade that flows through the Vale.

Astrazalian appears in the material realm on the first day of spring; known as Corellon’s Spring Dawning according to the calendar of the Vale. It returns to the Feywild on Pelor’s Summer End. During the Autumn and Winter months, Astrazalian is held under constant seige by the fomorians of the Feydark. Despite this relentless war, Lady Shandria’s Sword Guard manages to hold the giants outside the city gates, and Astrazalian serves as home to many Eladrin who have never seen battle.

Places of interest in Astrazalian:

White Poplar Inn

Places of Interest
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