Rokinar Shatterfist

Standing 4 foot 6 inches tall Rokinar is average hieght for a Dwarf. His skin is the color of red clay and his beard is a amber red. He is bald, by choice.


Rokinar is the second son of a family of great artisans. Both his parents are quite renown for thier skills. His father is a metalsmith, specializing in shields mostly. His Mother is a stoneshaper. Her work is seen in many of the local lords villas and castles. Rokinar has a older brother, Kolar, who has followed in thier fathers footsteps. His younger sister Kathra is a teenager by dwarven standards and has yet to, find herself.

Rokinar is very devout in his worship of Moradin. His devotion is formed by long family tradition, and the blessing the God of artisans has heaped upon his family for generations. Despite having seemingly been passed over in the skills to create with his hands, Moradin has choosen Rokinar to spread his word and destroy those that seek to destroy what the God of Creation has brought forth.

Rokinar is steadfast in his loyalty to family, his clan, and friends. The only thing more rock solid then his loyalty is possibly his single mindedness once he has decided something or someone must be brought to justice for offending his God.

Through all this he is a rather Jovial and good natured individual, who will never turn down a chance to toast to the greatness of Moradin, family and friends.

Rokinar Shatterfist

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