Gord Thunderfoot

Gord loves to fight and drink. Gord is always looking to test himself. Fighting, drinking, tying knots, if it is any sort of contest, he wants to compete. Fighting is his passion, drinking his release. He is loyal and hard-working.


Gord is an imposing figure. He towers over most everyone he encounters. His skin is brown and some-what mottled with darker patches. His skin is speckled with lithoderms, coin-sized growths of bone that appear like pebbles studding his arms, shoulders, torso, and head. A bony ridge juts over his gleaming green eyes. Gord is bald, clothed in rugged leather armor and carries a Greataxe he calls “Lopsit” (as in “I hit it with my axe and lops it head right off”)


Excerpts from Gord’s Journal:

Dark Moon’s Eve, 13th Day of Snow Deep You gotta love Keggerfest. Where else can you drink Dwarven Ale until you are swimming in it each night and when you awake the next day, you get to start all over again. It makes the trip from Red Rock to Brindol worth the effort. Next year I will see if I can down a whole keg at one go.

Day After Dark Moon of Raging Fire The Dwarves of The Giant’s Shield were quite today. Many candles did they light for those who have gone before. Worthy friends, the Dwarves. They can swing an axe just as well as they can hoist a mug.

Kord’s Day of Mastery, End of Dying Ember My favorite day of the year. How can you not love the chance to prove your skills against the rest of the Vale. Darhar bested my caber toss again this year. Sometimes I don’t like my older brother much. Father says I should stay in town this year and see what adventures I can find to expand my world. That sounds like a challenge to me.

Day of the Full Moon, Harvest Home The town is on edge. People are not as friendly as they have been in the past. Rumors of “The Red Hand” and monsters in the wild flow like ale for a tapped keg. I say let them come. I need to stretch my legs and my arms. This town is getting boring. I wonder if I could talk Martyn, Rokinar and Whisper into venturing out and see what we can find to get into. Martyn is always talking about becoming a champion for his family and Rokinar goes on and on about how the Dwarfs are counted on as defenders of the area. Whisper doesn’t say much, but I know he isn’t happy with all the rumblings of creatures in the lands nearby. Maybe I will discuss this with them tonight at the bar.

Gord Thunderfoot

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