• Gord Thunderfoot

    Gord Thunderfoot

    Gord loves to fight and drink. Gord is always looking to test himself. Fighting, drinking, tying knots, if it is any sort of contest, he wants to compete. Fighting is his passion, drinking his release. He is loyal and hard-working.
  • Rokinar Shatterfist

    Rokinar Shatterfist

    Standing 4 foot 6 inches tall Rokinar is average hieght for a Dwarf. His skin is the color of red clay and his beard is a amber red. He is bald, by choice.
  • Whisper (James Armstrong)

    Whisper (James Armstrong)

    I'm either someone you never see, or I'm the last someone you see. I am a silent hunter, deadly with a bow or a sword. I seldom lose my prey, once I have them in my sights.